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Fotografien von Elmar Haardt und Bernd Kleinheisterkamp

In the photographs of Elmar Haardt (*1974) the human and his immediate personal surroundings play a central role. Haardt’s portrait shots are usually taken in the private rooms of the protagonist and provide a sober view of social conditions absent even the slightest hint of sentimentality. The works of Bernd Kleinheisterkamp (*1973) as well betray the photographer’s keen interest in his subject while preserving a certain distance. By highlighting the formal and aesthetic aspects of what he sees, Kleinheisterkamp ­manages in his architectural views of uniform housing developments to ­reflect their realities using alternative pictorial strategies. What the work of both photographers has in common is the place it was created: the northern districts of the city of Essen.

Authors: Ulrike Westphal, Ute Eskildsen
Artists: Bernd Kleinheisterkamp, Elmar Haardt

20 x 24 cm
96 pages
69 color ills.
ISBN 978-3-939583-91-2
19,80 Euro