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Ulrike Crespo - Kehrerverlag Heidelberg

Ulrike Crespo

Beauty and transience, love and death. No living thing is used as a symbol more frequently than the flower – a fascination with flowers and their many meanings can be found in every world civilization. Christian plant symbolism had its heyday in 15th century painting, for example in the flowers invariably adorning depictions of the Virgin Mary, symbolizing her many attributes. Flower still lifes since the 16th century allude to the fleet ingness and vanity of all earthly things. In the mid-18th century, reports of a language of flowers spoken in Oriental harems set off a veritable flower vogue in Europe. Even today, photographers still find themselves turning to flowers as motif. Outstanding examples are Robert Mapplethorpe’s erotically charged cobra and calla lilies, Nobuyoshi Araki’s sensuously morbid flower arrangements, and the light-flooded polaroids of tulips and peonies in the late work of Cy Twombly.

The delicate, almost immaterial-seeming flower pictures by photographer Ulrike Crespo by contrast are not arranged but instead draw their life from the finely calibrated interplay of naturalness and a photographic technique that can almost be called painterly. As in her previous series of landscape and flower pictures taken at dusk (published in the photobook »Twilight«, 2011), Crespo chooses here as well the ephemeral moment of bloom that already presages the coming decay.

Authors: Cathrin Nielsen
Artists: Ulrike Crespo

Hardcover, Japanese binding
27 x 24 cm
172 pages
141 color ills.
ISBN 978-3-86828-296-2
Euro 48,-