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Here is where you’ll find the latest news about Kehrer Verlag: recent publications, important book reviews, exhibitions, our artists and authors, book signings and other events.

Jung A Kim

From July 17 to August 1, 2015 pavlov’s dog in Berlin exhibits Jung A Kim’s project Reminiscence. A walk through the other side of my mind.

Jung A Kim is a Korean artist whose photographies evoke the impression of diary entries.

Opening and Book Launch: 16th of July 2015, 7pm

Martin Usborne

From June 12 to July 31, 2015 the exhibition Where Hunting Dogs Rest by the photographer Martin Usborne will be on view at the Galerie Photo 12 in Paris.

In this project Martin Usborne documents the life of rescued hunting dogs, seemingly useless and suspended after the hunting season. The presentation of the animals draws on the painting of the artist Velásquez. Alongside the beauty of the dogs, the cruelty of their current environment is displayed.

Alain Laboile

The art gallery L’Imagerie in Lannon displays from June 27 to Octobre 2, 2015 the exhibition La famille by the french photographer Alain Laboile.

In his book At the Edge of the World, Alain Laboile documented the jaunty life of his children in a most unique way.

Sinnliche Ungewissheit

The Kunsthaus Zürich shows from June 19 to October 4, 2015 the first exhibition of the private collection Sinnliche Ungewissheit. The exhibition incorporates over 100 mostly contemporary photographies, sculptures, paintings and videos of roughly 60 artists.

Sinnliche Ungewissheit focuses on the display of the human body in interdepency with his environment, whereas particularly the relation of soul, mind and the naked body plays a crucial role.
The catalogue for Kunsthaus Zürich is available at Kehrer Verlag.

RAY 2015

From June 20 to September 20 2015 the RAY 2015 displays contemporary photography at 12 venues in Frankurt and the Rhine/Main region. Within this space of time the Fotografie Forum Frankfurt, the Museum Angewandte Kunst and the MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt am Main collectively show the exhibition Imagine Reality in which 28 artists display fragments of reality as sources of visionary worlds.
The RAY 2015 Fotografieprojekte Frankfurt/RheinMain catalogue is available at Kehrer Verlag.

Viktoria Binschtok

For the first time in Germany, C/O Berlin presents an exhibition of the complete works of Viktoria Binschtok from June 20th to August 16th 2015 in the exhibition Marriage is a Lie/ Fried Chicken.

The exhibition space concentrates especially on the artist’s series Globen, World of Details and Clusters. Viktoria Bischtok focuses her photographs on the construction of reality through fiction.

Sheila Rock

The Galerie Johanna Breede PHOTOKUNST in Berlin opens the exhibition Seascapes which shows works by the photographers Sheila Rock and Beat Presser from June 20th to September 5th 2015.

Seascapes takes the viewer through the various forms of the sea in nearly 40 photographs. While Presser shares maritime impressions from his travels through the Carribean and across the Pacific, Rock focuses her work on the display of her photographic journey to the sea resorts on the English coast.

Andrew Phelps - Exhibition in Vienna
America, America

Works by photographer Andrew Phelps are on view at Anzenberger Gallery in Vienna from May 7 through July 31, 2015.

In his documentary projects Higley and Haboob Andrew Phelps shows the rise and fall of his hometown Higley. Once surrounded by farmland, the town was increasingly influenced by the rapid growth of the nearby metropolis Phoenix. The boom was followed by degradation due to the consequences of the real estate and financial crisis and severe sandstorms, called “Haboobs”.

Exhibition in Vienna
Rinko Kawauchi

From March 20 March through July 5, 2015 works by of the Japanese photographer Rinko Kawauchi will be on view at the Kunsthaus Wien .

Rinko Kawauchi is creating a new body of work for this exhibition, for which the artist undertook a voyage to Austria in December 2014. Her search for the special – for the essence of the world – led her to a gold smelting plant and to the glaciers of the Dachstein Mountain, among others.

Dierk Maass - Exhibition

The SCHREINEREI14 shows a retrospective of the works by Dierk Maass in the exhibition UNSEEN° AND' FAVOURITES" from June 21st to September 26th in Salenstein.
Alongside the photographs by Maass, amongst others from his series SENSE° OF' DISTANCE", INCIDENT° OF' LIGHT", TENSION° OF' SECLUSION", SHADES° OF' DOLPO" und HIGHWAY° TO' HEAVEN", works by the artists Till Augustin, Gabriel Mazenauer and Björn Schülke are displayed.

German Photo Book Award 2015 - Gold for Christoph Bangert and Matthieu Gafsou

We are happy to announce five Winning Titles at the German Photo Book Award 2015 !

„Winning Title – Gold“

Christoph Bangert

Matthieu Gafsou

„Winning Title – Silver“

Kathryn Cook

Ute Mahler and Werner Mahler

Andreas Meichsner