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Venetia Dearden - Kehrerverlag Heidelberg

»She's already got a book of Glastonbury pictures under her belt but the Burning Man images are her most beautiful yet; vast wild landscapes intercut with the waifs and strays who litter the desert for one short week a year.« Rob Valid,

Venetia Dearden
Eight Days

Venetia Dearden’s new body of work takes us on a journey through the eyes of her lense into America’s Burning Man Festival. This photo series offers a glimpse of the diversity and character of the people who converge on this festival juxtaposed against the breath-taking backdrop of this wild American landscape. From the awe - inspiring Ansel Adams-esque mountain ranges to rawand unaffected beauty of the Nevada desert, Dearden offers a unique take on the American dream.

»There is no time on the road, you are just on the road, moving. Maybe this means there is a sense of doing, so its ok to do nothing. And its lovely to do nothing but watch the land race by and know you are moving somewhere and at some point you will arrive.«
Venetia Dearden.

Dearden (*1975 in Somerset, UK) has studied Anthropology at Edinburgh University and Photojournalism at the London College of Printing. Her work is published worldwide: Vogue, Wallpaper, The Sunday Times Magazine, W Magazine, Harpers Bazaar, Stern, amongst many.
Eight Days is Venetia Deardens fourth book, after Somerset Stories – Fivepenny Dreams (2008),Glastonbury – Another Stage (2010), and Mulberry Book (2011).

Artists: Venetia Dearden

24 x 32 cm
80 pages
47 color ills.
ISBN 978-3-86828-254-2
36 Euro