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Tom Früchtl - Kehrerverlag Heidelberg
Tom Früchtl
Not unreal

The monograph not unreal provides a comprehensive look at the recent work of Tom Früchtl (b. 1966), who with his works takes on the dogma of artistic originality. Broad-surface, picturesque corrugated cardboard out- lines turn out on closer inspection to actually be painted on, just like the streaks of light with which the artist models niches, corners and walls. Früchtl transforms the actual object into a painting, a readymade within a painted picture, turning real material motifs into the illusionism of hyperprecise depictions – and does it so skillfully that the picturesque camouflage of the thing with itself is only discernible when we look very closely. Painting hence negotiates in the here and now the old question of the relationship between the object and its image. Can the picture be both at the same time? The substance of the image is the substance itself, and painting an exhausting undertaking that is cancelled out at the moment when reality and image become barely distinguishable. The publication accompanies the exhibitions not unreal and nicht unwirklich, both held in 2012, at the Kunsthalle Göppingen and the Kulturstiftung Schloss Agathenburg.

Editor: Bettina Roggmann, Werner Meyer
Authors: Alice Wilke, Bernhart Schwenk, Birgit Szepanski, Ludwig Seyfarth, Werner Meyer
Artists: Tom Früchtl

19 x 25 cm
144 pages
75 color ills.

ISBN 978-3-86828-372-3
Euro 29,90