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Kehrerverlag - Annegret Bleisteiner
Annegret Bleisteiner

Homeland presents various ways of approaching the concept of home. How private must home be? Does »taking it public« make a mockery of this emotion? Or is there indeed something like a collective, world-wide feeling of home?

ISBN 978-3-86828-475-1
Euro 24,80

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Kehrerverlag - Bleicke Bleicken
Bleicke Bleicken
Sylt - Meine Insel

Bleicken – a teacher by trade and later the mayor of the city of Kampen / Sylt – began with photography in the 1920s, capturing his home-island and its citizens on camera. Images from his estate comprising more than 3,600 photographs are presented to the public here for the very first time.

ISBN 978-3-86828-504-8
Euro 39,90

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Kehrerverlag - Christoph Bangert
Christoph Bangert
War Porn

Using his images taken during the past ten years in Afghanistan, Iraq, Indonesia, Lebanon, and Gaza, Bangert started an experiment: What would happen if we suppressed our need for self-censorship for once? The result is a raw, intense, mysterious, brutal and at times maybe a shocking and controversial book.

ISBN 978-3-86828-497-3
Euro 29,90

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Kehrerverlag - Lasse Burell
Lasse Burell
La Lutte. Senegal

Swedish photographer Lasse Burell spent time with a local wrestling club in Mbour, a small fishing village a few hours south of Dakar. The images are taken during training, wrestling, and competition.

ISBN 978-3-86828-580-2
ca. Euro 36,–

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Kehrerverlag - Ursula Böhmer
Ursula Böhmer
All Ladies. Kühe in Europa

The cow has long held a special significance for mankind, witnessed already in prehistoric cave paintings and in many Asian religions. The Greek mythology underlying our Western culture likewise contains many references to this symbol-laden animal.

ISBN 978-3-86828-334-1
Euro 39,90

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Kehrerverlag - 5th Carmignac Gestion Photojournalism Award
5th Carmignac Gestion Photojournalism Award
2014 / Iran - Newsha Tavakolian

Created in 2009, the purpose of the Carmignac Gestion Photojournalism Award is to grant funding for a photo-reportage carried out over a period of several months on a specific, topical subject – this year it is Iran.

ISBN 978-3-86828-563-5
ca. Euro 50,–

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Kehrerverlag - Abraham David Christian
Abraham David Christian

This book documents the extraordinary exhibition by Abraham David Christian in the Gothic church of St. Maria Magdalena in Tiefenbronn.

ISBN 978-3-86828-526-0
Euro 29,90

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Kehrerverlag - Christopher Chadbourne
Christopher Chadbourne
State Fair. The Last Living Munchkin from the Wizard of Oz and Other Stories

State Fairs, an annual American ritual, are a willingly accepted assault on the senses – visual, acoustic, gastric (fried beer the latest delicacy) and a voluntary yielding of personal space to strangers.

ISBN 978-3-86828-480-5
Euro 34,90

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Kehrerverlag - Daniel W. Coburn
Daniel W. Coburn
The Hereditary Estate

The Hereditary Estate functions as a ten-year retrospective and as a conceptual work of art. Coburn's work and research investigates the family photo album employed as the visual infrastructure for the flawed ideology of the American Dream.

ISBN 978-3-86828-537-6
Euro 39,90

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Kehrerverlag - Serge Clément
Serge Clément

For Clément, photography has always been closely related to the book, particularly along the idea that an image refers to other images.

ISBN 978-3-86828-594-9
Euro 39,90

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